Welcome to theVIEW the personal technology and design blog of the average consumer. I am a digital artist located in Canada with a passion for all things gadgety. You can visit official studio website at Jester Media Design and find me on 99designs.com or follow my personal Twitter stream @SuaveLizard or my public technology news stream @PrecientTech.

theVIEW is technology oriented blog that focuses on the newest gadgets especially mobile products such as PMPs, cell phones, MP3 players, ebook readers, and tablets. The more creative and innovative the better and thats why there is also some art and design floating around here too. It is one of several small projects I am involved in, including the Gemini project which is my dream to build a personal PC tablet. Unfortunately it is on hold for now due to my lack of funds and the impending release of several major tablets.

Hope you enjoy yourself on theVIEW.